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Beach Shoot

Some of the first portraits I've ever done, when I had just started getting into photography. I have to say, some of these photos aren't bad for a first time. We even did a sponsored shoot for a sunglasses brand on our second shoot.

Palms at the Beach.jpg
Leaning on Wall 2.jpg
Beach Straw Umbrellas Rotated.jpg
Aleksandrina Purple Tree.jpg
Narrow Pathway desaturated.jpg
Beach Sunrise.jpg
Aleksandrina Palms 2.jpg
Aleksandrina street from above.jpg
I_ve got your back.jpg
Deni and Alexandrina Palms.jpg
Urban Underground Pathway.jpg
At the Beach Clandestino Veneto Sunglass

*This was a sponsored photo taken for the sunglasses brand*

Aleksandrina and Deni Varna 2017.jpg
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