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portrait of a beautiful girl in a swimsuit in the black sea in varna, bulgaria
portrait fashion shoot of a girl in a dress in tenerife canary islands with palm trees and a retro film camera around her neck
portrait photography in, peak district, great britain, nottingham, united kingdom of a beautiful model sitting in a dress on top of a hill
portrait beach fashion shoot of a girl with clandestino sunglasses in varna, bulgaria, europe
portrait sunset shot of a girl sitting on the railway in varna bulgaria
portrait shot in nottingham university, jubilee campus, england, united kingdom
portrait shoot of a cute girl in a forest in varna bulgaria, europe, by the black sea
parkour portrait shot of a man doing a backflip into the water in varna, bulgaria, on the black sea
Nemo & Martin - Parkour on the Beach
Kabakym Beach draft.jpg
night portrait in nottingham, united kingdom of a man in a mafia style old school suit smoking a cigar with smoke in the background in an alleyway with a blacked out range rover in the background
portrait shoot of a girl with a cute german shepherd dog in the summer with palm trees in fuengirola, spain
portrait shoot of a girl with fairylights on the beach in varna bulgaria with lights bokeh in the background
prom portrait shoot of a girl in a blue dress in varna bulgaria and nottingham, uk
portraits fairylights shot of a brunette girl in nottingham, england, uk
portrait shoot of a pretty girl in nature with roses in varna bulgaria
portraiture shot of a girl in short jeans on a street at sunset in varna bulgaria near port varna
studio portrait photos in nottingham, england, united kingdom, of models who are bachata dancers on a white background
portrait photo of a guy in a shirt with palm trees and the ocean in the background, in tenerife canary islands

Other than personal portraits, I also do fashion photography, taking photos for fashion blogs, and have been sponsored by a luxury sunglasses brand, Clandestino. I have photographed models around the world, like in Tenerife and Fuengirola. I can take studio portraits and set up studio lighting myself, and if you can't manage to come to a studio to get your portraits done, I can also use a normal photo and cut out the background if you need png or white/black background photos to put on ads, event banners etc.

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