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What you pay for

Here's a list of all the things you pay for when you're paying for your shoot:

(Of course, a few things vary depending on what exactly you require).

  • £4000+ worth of gear:

- Canon 90D;

- Mavic Air Drone;

- Canon 1100D backup;

- 5 Lenses: Canon 10-18mm, 50mm F1.8, 24mm F2.8, 35-80mm, Sigma 70-300mm;

- Moza Aircross Gimbal;

- Various CPL and ND filters;

- £800 editing PC built by me, along with a £400 colour accurate monitor, backup hard drive, etc.

- £1200 gaming laptop for on the go editing.

- Zomei Z666 Tripod

- Neewer Dimmable 176 LED Video Light with colour gels

- 2 128GB Micro SD cards, a 16GB backup Micro SD card and 3 Micro SD to SD adaptors

- GoPro Max 360 Camera

- Selfie Stick

- Suction Cups

  • Countless hours of learning and developing my photography/video/editing/graphics skills

  • My time spent on the shoot

  • Hours of editing time. Unlike many other photographers, I don't use presets, but I manually colour grade each photo in Photoshop, giving it that unique look. To speed things up, delivering the edits on time, I use the same settings and tweak them, on similar scene photos from the same shoot

  • Time spent looking for the best value, suitable gear (which is actually many hours of research before buying something)

  • Editing programs

  • Transport, unless you cover it

  • Camera car, if we're shooting rollers, and you don't use a friend's car

  • For graphics, the time spent searching for suitable royalty free images and fonts

  • Fees to run my website

  • This is not a hobby, but a profession, so this is my way of earning my food and shelter.

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