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Welcome to my website. To get started, click on the tiles below to view more about these genres of photography, or use the menu above to navigate through my portfolio and a Store where you can purchase photography gear I use. To submit a booking or read more about me, click on About.

wedding photography in nottingham, england, united kingdom of a couple, bride and groom
portrait photography in, peak district, great britain, nottingham, united kingdom of a beautiful model spinning in a dress on top of a hill
event photography at latin fever dance festival. loughborough, england, uk of a woman in a costume posing with a man on a dark stage
automotive photo in tenerife, canary islands of the interior cockpit of a modified nissan silvia 200sx s14 in a tropical island, with a need for speed style colour grade
landscape long exposure panorama photo of trent bridge in nottingham, uk, at a purple sunset, ready for print
drone property photograph of a real estate apartment complex in nottingham united kingdom

I'm a photographer in London, United Kingdom (UK), from Varna, Bulgaria, who shoots top quality photos of nearly all genres of photography. A few are weddings, automotive, portraits, landscapes, events and food.

Weddings: I offer photos for weddings, alongside with couples portraits, making the bride and groom look immaculate at their wedding, capturing your marriage, as if it's a natural documentary. Of course, I can also do posed photos too.


Automotive: As a car enthusiast myself, I also photograph and videograph automotives, all sorts of cars, from super cars, muscle, JDM and drift cars, even to the basic consumer vehicles for dealerships, when put up for sale. You can even get a print of my photos of your favourite car here.


Portraits: In the earlier years of my photography journey, my main genre of photography was portraits. Other than personal portraits, I also do fashion photography, taking photos for fashion blogs, and have been sponsored by a luxury sunglasses brand, Clandestino. I have photographed models around the world, like in Tenerife and Fuengirola. I can take studio portraits and set up studio lighting myself, and if you can't manage to come to a studio to get your portraits done, I can also use a normal photo and cut out the background if you need png or white/black background photos to put on ads, event banners etc.

Landscapes: I also shoot scenic landscapes which are available for purchase, as prints, on a wide range of mediums, or as a digital copy. Some of these are large megapixel panoramas, with up to 100MP, such as my Green's Windmill landscape, a few of my Trent Bridge landscapes, and two of my landscape panoramas, taken by my drone, in Jersey Island. So check out my print store, and indulge yourself into some tasty prints.

Events: Over the years, I've photographed quite a range of different events, from weddings, to parties, and even dance events and shows. A few were latin bachata dance festivals, such as Latin Fever and BachaKiz, around Nottingham and Loughborough. I don't only photograph events, but as I am a graphic designer too, I make posters, banners, and cover pages for these events, to use it as advertisement for themselves.

Properties: If you require photographs of your real estate which is for sale, for rent, or used as an Airbnb or hotel, then you can check out my portfolio and click the BOOK NOW button. I have experience in photographing various Airbnb apartments in Nottingham, hotels, and even an unfinished apartment complex in Varna, Bulgaria, where the rooms are emtpy, and the walls are unpainted, however I still managed to make it look good and satisfy the customer.

Graphics: Another one of my skills is graphic design. I'm very experienced in making album covers for songs, as I've made over 80 artworks for different artists, mostly in the latin/bachata scene. Other than song covers, I also make event banners, posters and facebook/youtube cover photos. I am able to create logos and have done a few, however I'm not as experienced in that field.

Art: As an artist, I've created many different pieces of art, from drawings and drawings of cars, surreal paintings, to different 3D sculptures. Check out my portfolio here. You can book me to make you an art piece of even buy some of my existing art pieces if they are available.

Projects: Here are a few of my personal, fine art photography projects, where I strive to convey different global issues, usually around geography and anthropocene.

I'm based in London, United Kingdom, however I can travel on request to nearby places, such as Nottingham, Birmingham, Derby, Leicester, Loughborough, Mansfield, Newark on Trent, and many more. As I'm from Bulgaria, I can also do photography there when I'm available. I'm usually around Varna, Sunny beaches, Sozopol and Silistra, but I can travel to Sofia too if needed. I go to Tenerife sometimes too so I'm available as a photographer there as well, and I have already done a few portraits of models and automotive shoots there.


London, United Kingdom

Tel: +447923945092

graphic design for a latin bachata song with a dimen5ions logo made in england, uk
clay cyberpunk cyborg sculpture head art in a studio
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