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For my this typology, I decided to use silhouettes of side portraits, to edit on my drone photos of different landscapes, which humanity seem to have affected.

I shot all sorts of landscapes, for example, the motorway in the middle of a green field to show the commute and how this motorway cuts through the natural greenery.

I used this image of a tree in the middle of a plain field to symbolize how humans deforest large areas, to clear the land for crops and for animals, such as cattle, to graze on.

I also photographed a river at its meanders, with many boats docked on it, to portray how humanity pollutes large water sources, such as rivers, with gasoline powered boats, and ‘accidental’ oil leaks, or filling them with plastic bottles.

I included the three middle photos with the smoke coming out of the chimneys to convey the effect that different industries have on the air quality and carbon dioxide emissions especially. I also included a drone photo of a nearby factory to further enforce this idea.

To finish it off, I shot a photo of some relatively new architecture of the University of Nottingham, to demonstrate how the rate of urbanization is climbing, destroying nature, bit by bit.

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