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1 hour in depth editing course on how I edit every 3rd Person Video (on PC)


Software used:

1. GoPro Player

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

3. Adobe After Effects

4. Topaz Ai


This course includes:

1. Downloading and sorting footage

2. Trimming Clip to the Best Parts

3. Adding Zoom Keyframes to Acceleration

4. Colour Grading in Premiere Pro

5. Colour Grading a night video in Premiere Pro

6. Adding motion blur

7. Matching audio from an external mic

8. Matching turbo sound from external recording

9. Hiding/removing the number plate

10. Hiding the camera mount

11. Looking around and adding a mirror

12. Adding a 1st Person POV

13. Re-editing videos for YouTube in Landscape

14. Copying settings from similar scene videos

15. Reducing noise/grain and sharpening in Topaz Ai

Full 3rd Person Editing Course - 1 HR

£50.00 Regular Price
£35.00Sale Price
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