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Coronavirus Lockdown

Here are a few images taken in the lockdown, during the pandemic of the coronavirus. I took these whilst on my walk to this local world food centre, where I go to purchase several products that are Bulgarian, where I'm from.


It was a very relaxing walk, with the beautiful weather, and the blossomed trees, making you feel connected with nature, with no people ot cars to distrurb your peace.


The scenery did seem a bit eerie, with the usually cramped places being empty, as if the city is an abandoned ghosttown, like Chernobyl, or a Nucleur test site with the abandoned children's playgrounds. Just the test dummies were missing, that would've perfected it.


Although this pandemic is taking down the economy, and many people's financial status, it seems to be doing very well for the environment. As nearly all transport is haulted, from cars travelling to work, to aeroplanes transporting tourists, the Carbon Dioxide emissions would plummet down, as fossil fuel demands are reduced. It is estimated that they will be reduced by 2.5billion tonnes. At the same time, the infamous smog over certain areas of China has cleared as China went into full lockdown. It is even rumoured that in some towns and villages, wildlife seems to have taken over these places, with goats roaming Llandudno, a seaside town in the UK. Another popular tourist area, Venice, also has a return of wildlife. Without the typical daily rides in the canals of Venice, the water is clearer, and sea life seems to have returned.


Despite the many tragic deaths, has the coronavirus pandemic actually helped the environment vastly? 

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